How do I pay for my fare?

Auckland Co-op Taxis offer you a variety of payment options. You can pay in advance of your ride, or in the taxi. Before your ride: Pay with credit card over the phone, or using the app. In car: pay with cash, Eftpos/Credit Cards and TaxiCharge products.

Do you have an app?

Yes we do.  Our app is available on Apple and Android devices.  Download the app

I'm HAVING trouble with the app. who should i contact?

If you encounter any issues with the app, please contact us.  We are continuously looking at ways to improve the app, so all feedback is appreciated.

No. Trips are always charged at the standard per kilometer rate. It is important to us that you have certainty that our fares will not differ without notice. We display our fare schedule in every taxi. Also, you can ask your driver about our standard pricing.

Our standard rates are: $2.60 per km for a sedan that seats 4 people, $3.20 per km for a van that seats 5 or more, and $3.80 per km for a Total Mobility van. It will be helpful to note that a standard waiting time of $0.95 per minute is charged when the vehicle runs below 15 km/hr or when stationary e.g. at the lights. This is the main reason why two fares on the same route can differ in price. Have a play with our fare calculator here.

HOW ARE taxi drivers vetted?

We understand that our drivers must be trustworthy, as they are often carrying vulnerable passengers. Our current process and controls that surround the vetting of prospective drivers is very thorough and includes police checks. Learn more about Auckland Co-op Taxis’ Health & Safety policy.

We strongly support the retention of this process and the controls that surround the vetting of prospective drivers. Have a look at the NZTA website for more information.

What hours do taxis operate?

Our taxis operate 24/7 – you can order an Auckland Co-op Taxi at any time of the day or night.

Why are there cameras in the taxi?

We believe cameras installed in taxis save lives. All of our taxis are fitted with cameras to keep you and our drivers safer. There are many independent reports that support the effectiveness of security cameras at reducing driver fatalities, moderating public behaviour, and reducing incidents of assaults on passengers.

There is currently a review in progress for the requirements of Small Passenger Services. Please see the Ministry of Transport’s website for more information.

Can you take passengers that are in a wheelchair?

Yes, we cater to everyone in our community.  We have Total Mobility (Wheelchair) Vehicles. Please call us to enquire or make a booking.

Can I take my dog in a taxi?

Our taxi drivers will accept into their car a Seeing Eye dog accompanied by a blind person. Some drivers will take other animals in their car, but please check in advance of the ride.


Can I book cars for a wedding?

We can provide vehicles for weddings and special events. We can arrange our cars dressed or undressed for weddings.

Why are taxi vans so hard to get on Friday and Saturday nights?

Unfortunately, we only have limited numbers of taxi vans, most of which do double duty as total mobility (wheelchair) vehicles.  Please ring and arrange your van at least 24 hours in advance when possible.

Can you take five passengers in a taxi?

We can only take up to four people in a car. But we have vans available for five people or more. Please book your van in advance, as we cannot guarantee their availability at busy times.

Can you deliver my groceries?

We can deliver your groceries if you have paid for them in advance. However, we are unable to purchase goods for you.

Can you deliver alcohol or cigarettes?

We cannot deliver alcohol or cigarettes to you. It is illegal to buy alcohol then sell it on to you without the proper license. Even if the alcohol has been paid for by you, we cannot know that it is not destined for a minor.  The same applies to cigarettes.

Why is my pre-ordered taxi late?

When you pre-order a taxi, this gives you priority. It is rare that your taxi will be late, however there may be times, due to a number of different reasons that are out of our control, your taxi is late. Please call 09 300 3000 to enquire about the whereabouts of your taxi.

Can I order a taxi van to help me move flat?

Unfortunately a taxi van driver cannot help you move flat. But, you can order a van to transport yourself and your belongings.

Will the driver knock on my door when he/she arrives?

Our drivers stay in contact with you via text message. They will alert you when they are waiting for you outside your address. To make sure you get the alerts, please make sure we have your mobile phone number if you book a taxi through our call centre.

Can a driver refuse to take me?

Taxi or shuttle drivers can refuse to take a passenger(s) if, on reasonable grounds, they consider:

  • Their personal safety would be threatened or endangered.
  • The intending passenger is under the influence of drink or drugs.
  • The intending passenger is in a filthy condition.
  • The intending passenger is consuming food or drink.
  • The intending passenger is noisy, violent or is disturbing the public peace.
  • The intending passenger is accompanied by an animal, unless that person’s sight is impaired and the animal is a guide dog.
  • The intending passenger owes the driver for a previous fare and refuses to pay what is owed.
  • The intending passenger does not have enough money to meet the cost of the journey (the driver has the right to ask for payment in advance).
  • The number of passengers wishing to travel exceeds the number stated on the vehicle’s loading certificate.

The driver may also terminate the journey at any time for any of the above reasons.

I’ve left something in the taxi, where can I retrieve it?

Any property found in a taxi is required to be dropped at the nearest police station within 24 hours if not claimed sooner. If you leave something in a taxi, please try and remember what taxi number and/or the driver’s name (as shown on the ID card which all taxi drivers are required to display in clear view of the passenger). If you don’t remember either of these details, the pickup address, time and date, and drop off point are important information in the finding of lost property.  Contact us on 09 300 3000 with this information and we’ll look into this for you.

Do you provide car seats for children?

Car seats are not a legal requirement in taxis however with a minimum of 24 hours notice, we can attempt to ensure a car seat is supplied.  For further information around this please visit the NZTA website.

Do you offer tourists tours?

Yes, we offer tours for tourists. Our taxis are driven by local drivers with excellent local knowledge, many of whom have been driving passengers on local excursions for many years. To really get a feel for an area, in a comfortable vehicle, we can offer you a personalised itinerary. For an obligation free discussion, please email us.